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But what are re­spons­ive web­sites? A re­spons­ive web­site auto­mat­ic­ally ad­justs ac­cord­ing to the device’s screen size (whether large or small) as well as its ori­ent­a­tion (land­scape or por­trait). It takes into con­sid­er­a­tion us­ab­il­ity and changes in re­sponse to the needs of the user and the device that they’re view­ing it on.

Basic design theme is a fresh and modern theme that uses smooth animations to help your website slide into the modern era.

Extended is a sleek and flashy theme that melds fun and professionalism into one awesome package. The theme also comes packaged with tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images and more

Want a website that fits on one page? Fit will let you do that. This one page website provides users with a slick, scrolling experience. Large, high quality imagery will capture the visitor’s attention, enticing them to explore your website further.

Momentum is a website that features your stunning imagery, but still manages to focus on your content. Make a statement today with Momentum.

If you want your content to stand out outline, Outline is for you. Featuring a left side navigation, and simplistic layout, your content will be sure to shine. Outline is perfect if you’re looking to deliver your content in a clear, concise manner, with no distractions for the visitor.

This theme brings simplicity to the forefront. Your website doesn’t need to be confusing, which is why Simplicity will clearly highlight your most important content, with no fluff in the way

Why should I go responsive?

Web users today are always on the go and using different devices (like smartphones or tablets) to browse the internet. A responsive design makes sure that your website self-adjusts to any device or screen size your visitors are using.

Search engines such as Google tend to favour websites that are developed with mobile devices in mind. This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google may bump you down in ranking when your website is searched from other mobile devices. You can test if your website is mobile-friendly here.

Give your web visitors the best experience possible with a responsive website.

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